Aavolyn Application Profile

Producing a wide variety of lubricant-free seals using Teflon® PTFE fluoropolymer resin for reciprocating compressors used by the natural gas, hydrogen, and specialty gas industries.


By blending Teflon® PTFE resin with other ingredients, AAVOLYN tailors seal performance to the application. One key product, AVA 47, is made from a proprietary blend of Teflon® PTFE and carbon and glass fibers. It is intended for applications involving lubricated and wet natural gases, natural gas, and vinyl chloride.

Low Friction SealsExample of Lubricant-Free Seals

Material Selected

Low friction, high temperature capabilities and resistance to chemical attack by process gases make Teflon® PTFE an idea base material for high-performance compressor seals.

Key Benefits of Teflon®

  • Less wear, longer part life – Because Teflon® PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid material, its ideal for lubricant-free compressor seals. Such parts can be designed to function in either a lubricated or non-lubricated environment, but in either case minimize frictional operating heat and wear at the ring-cylinder interface. Lower heat generation also helps reduce wear on the piston and piston rod.
    PistonsAAVOLYN manufactures a full range of pistons. Each piston is fully machined out of various materials including aluminum, steel and bronze and can be coupled with rings made of Teflon® for enhanced applications
  • High temperature performance – Teflon® PTFE can withstand continuous service temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). Consequently, AAVOLYN’s sealing rings made with the polymer permit high compressor operating temperatures while minimizing wear on seal surfaces.
  • Impervious to most gases – Teflon® PTFE stands up to nearly all process gases, including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, ammonia, methane, and carbon dioxide. Aavolyn says that its seals based on Teflon® PTFE are substantially less expensive than those made with exotic alternative materials.

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AAVOLYN CORP is one of the largest privately held manufacturers of replacement compressor parts in the United States. Strategically located in the city of Millville, New Jersey, AAVOLYN maintains a loyal customer base globally. Whether our customer is the Original Equipment Manufacturer headquartered in China or in downtown Houston, the attention to detail is the same. Our Engineering department is involved from the concept phase through production to ensure the parts are produced to O.E.M. specifications.

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